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5M80ZE64A5N IC CPLD 64MC 7.5NS 64EQFP Original.

    able 3–1. Absolute Maximum Ratings for MAX V Devices (Note 1), (2)
    Symbol Parameter Conditions Minimum Maximum Unit
    V CCINT Internal supply voltage With respect to ground –0.5 2.4 V
    V CCIO I/O supply voltage — –0.5 4.6 V
    V I DC input voltage — –0.5 4.6 V
    I OUT DC output current, per pin — –25 25 mA
    TSTG Storage temperature No bias –65 150 °C
    TAMB Ambient temperature Under bias (3) –65 135 °C
    TJ Junction temperature TQFP and BGA packages
    under bias — 135 °C
    Notes to Table 3–1:
    (1) For more information, refer to the Operating Requirements for Altera Devices Data Sheet.
    (2) Conditions beyond those listed in Table 3–1 may cause permanent damage to a device. Additionally, device operation at the absolute maximum
    ratings for extended periods of time may have adverse affects on the device.
    (3) For more information about “under bias” conditions, refer to Table 3–2.
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