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NX PMC56F8323VFBE MCU IC Chip.Original.

    Document Revision History
    Version History Description of Change
    Rev 1.0 Pre-Release version, Alpha customers only
    Rev 2.0 Initial Public Release
    Rev 3.0 Corrected typo in Table 10-4, Flash Endurance is 10,000 cycles. Addressed additional grammar
    Rev 4.0 Added Package Pins to GPIO Table in Section 8. Removed reference to pin group 9 in Table 10-5.
    Replacing TBD Typical Min with values in Table 10-17. Editing grammar, spelling, consistency of
    language throughout family. Updated values in Regulator Parameters, Table 10-9, External Clock
    Operation Timing Requirements Table 10-13, SPI Timing, Table 10-18, ADC Parameters,
    Table 10-24, and IO Loading Coefficients at 10MHz, Table 10-25.
    Rev 5.0 Updated values in Power-On Reset Low Voltage, Table 10-6.
    Rev 6.0 Correcting package pin numbers in Table 2-2, PhaseA0 changed from 38 to 52, PhaseB0 changed
    from 37 to 51, Index0 changed from 36 to 50, and Home0 changed from 35 to 49. All pin changes in
    Table 2-2 were do to data entry errors - This package pin-out has not changed
    Rev 7.0 Added Part 4.8, added addition text to Part 6.9 on POR reset, added the word “access” to FM Error
    Interrupt in Table 4-3, removed min and max numbers; only documenting Typ. numbers for LVI in
    Table 10-6.
    Rev 8.0 Updated numbers in Table 10-7 and Table 10-8 with more recent data. Corrected typo in Table 10-3 in
    Pd characteristics.
    Rev 9.0 Replace any reference to Flash Interface Unit with Flash Memory Module; changed example in Part
    2.2; added note on VREFH and V REFLO in Table 2-2 and Table 11-1; added note to Vcap pin in
    Table 2-2; corrected typo FIVAL1 and FIVAH1 in Table 4-12; removed unneccessary notes in
    Table 10-12; corrected temperature range in Table 10-14; added ADC calibration information to
    Table 10-24 and new graphs in Figure 10-21.
    Rev 10.0 Clarification to Table 10-23, corrected Digital Input Current Low (pull-up enabled) numbers in
    Table 10-5. Removed text and Table 10-2; replaced with note to Table 10-1.
    Rev. 11.0 Added 56F8123 information; edited to indicate differences 
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