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About us

We are committed to environmental protection, and our goal is to serve the vast number of individuals and companies that refurbish and used mobile phones. Refresh old phones and help people with different living standards have the same quality and experience, thereby reducing carbon emissions and saving energy! This is our wish and our pursuit!
We recycle our inventory and pass rigorous testing and screening to sort and sell them around the world. We also make mobile phone back cover for mobile phone molds that cannot find the original mobile phone back door! We cooperate with a number of large foundries to recycle old mobile phone doors, and screen them to the right location, effectively eliminating waste, allowing refurbishment companies to reduce costs and gain more profits!
We offer phone doors, covers, phone front and rear cameras, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, S-PEN, LCD, lens tape, batteries, rear glass, charging flex parts, WiFi ICs, and phone and router chargers, adapters, cables, and more !




Shenzhen Boyukang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tel: +86 13760167773

Email: boyukang@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +86 13760167773


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